Why People Fly | Flybubble 

Flybubble is a specialist paragliding and freeflight equipment retailer and distributor based in the UK. 

Our brief for this film was to bring together footage from the manufacturers that they represent to inspire people to fly and to raise awareness of what free flight is. Flybubble had seen the film we had made for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and wanted to replicate the Alan Watts narration – which is always good with us! 

We were given many hours of beautiful flying footage to choose from and combined this with footage from our own library and the Alan Watts “What if Money Was No Object” to explore the freedom and beauty of free flight. 

“Since the dawn of time mankind must have looked up at the sky and wanted to emulate the birds that float gracefully with so much apparent freedom above us.

We are a fortunate generation. For us free flight has become a reality. Thanks to the generations before us the kit is safe and accessible, there are established flying schools and flying sites.

Free flight in all its disciplines is more accessible than it has ever been.

Yet, in our modern world we also face more pressures on our time than ever before. The pace of life can mean we lose track of what is important and sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves, what would we do if money was no object?

How would you really enjoy spending your life? For us it’s free flight, whether that be paragliding, hang gliding, PPG or speed flying. Join us in this film as we celebrate the joy of flight set against the wisdom of British Philosopher Alan Watts.

It is so important to consider this question. What do I desire?”


Alan Watts Organization


Surrender by Marco-Martini

Through the fire by Michael Shynes


Rob Johnson 


Matjaz Klemencic

Rody Charoud

Maeva Giacometti

Adi Geisegger

Christoph Frutiger

Chrigel Maurer

Sepp Inniger

Patrick Von Kanel

Jake Holland

Rob Johnson

Flybubble Vlogs

In addition to the “Why People Fly” film we have also been working with Flybubble to produce regular adventure content for their social platforms. They have an established audience of paraglider pilots and we are looking to broaden that by putting together a mini-series of Vlogs that show paragliders being used in a mountaineering and hill walking context.¬†