The Carneddau Ponies

The Carneddau Ponies live semi-feral on the mountains that back onto my home here in Snowdonia. They comprise a small population of about 300 and are thought to date back to the Bronze Age. Over 2018 and 2019 I ventured out with my camera to film them in all weathers. They live in a mountainous area that covers more than 13,000 acres and yet are easy to find when you are happy to just wander.

The ponies eat soft rush, gorse and mountain grasses and are hardy souls. They are given a helping hand by local farmer Gareth Wyn Jones and his family who have managed them for more than 350 years. Each year Gareth will round up the ponies for a health check but otherwise they live on their own four hooves – resilient – in harmony with the world around them.