Project Alpine Spirit

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Project Alpine Spirit

One of our current projects in 2019 is this one – a fantastic undertaking by three British women to become the first all female team to climb the 82 4000m peaks in the Alps. The film is being sponsored by The BMC and Montane and is being shot in three phases throughout the project. 

The film will be released into the festival circuit with timings dependent on the project progress. You can follow the progress on this page throughout the year. 

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Project Alpine Spirit

Project Progress

July 2019

Becky, Lou and Mo kicked off the  summer phase of the project at the beginning of June and I went out to join them as they arrived in Chamonix a couple of weeks later. I always knew that this stage in the filming would be tough for me as they are fit, strong and acclimatised and well I am not! I took my good friend Huw Gilbert along with me as an extra pair of hands and legs and we teamed up as a climbing pair doing our best to overtake and then film, overtake and then film, overtake and then film without disturbing the progress of the team. To make life a little more complicated drones are banned in the Chamonix Valley and so we  took to the skies in a helicopter to get some aerial shots. You can read more on our blog. 

April 2019

Phase one of the filming is complete. I headed out to Switzerland at the end of March and joined Becky and Lou to kick off the project. We battled heavy snow, avalanche risks, poor weather days, broken equipment and started the tally of 4000m peaks on skis. It was a challenging couple of weeks for me with a lot to carry and operating in some pretty cold temperatures – going through the footage now that I am home though it all feels worth it! 

The image on the left is a screen grab in the pre-dawn light as we skin towards the summit of the Bishorn. 

The team are aiming to climb an average of five 4000m peaks per week which they need to juggle around work, real life, relationships etc. So far they are on target and you can follow their progress on their Facebook page – see the links below. 

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