The Outdoor Partnership

The Outdoor Partnership is a charity who work with the people of Wales to take up outdoor activities as a life-long pursuit. Together they change lives for good. From local clubs to the peaks of our mountains there’s a place for everyone. This film, produced in 2017, needed to be one that could be used primarily in meetings and presentations with potential stakeholders and funders to explain what the partnership does. We tell the story of three people whose lives have been changed by the Partnership.

Inclusive Adventure

The Inclusive Adventure program was established in 2015 

and has been improving access to the outdoors for people with disabilities ever since. 

This film was produced in 2018 to showcase that program 

by meeting real people whose lives have been changed by the work of the Partnership. 

Opening Doors to the Outdoors

This film highlights the work of the “Opening Doors to the Outdoors” program – a twelve week 

program that can be prescribed by GP’s or health care workers. 

The program aims to get people into the outdoors as a means of treatment for mental and physical health conditions. 

It is always super inspiring to make these films, to meet the people involved and to tell their stories to a wider audience.