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Minesto – Holyhead Deep

The world needs more green energy solutions, and it needs them fast. The ocean forms one of the largest yet least explored renewable energy sources on earth. Ocean energy has the potential for providing a substantial amount of new renewable and reliable energy around the world.

Holyhead Deep marks the starting point of the industrialisation of Minesto’s unique marine energy technology Deep Green. It is the first low-velocity tidal energy project in the world.

This technology allows power to be produced from the motion of the waves by flying a kite system underwater. This film documents the testing, installation and success of this world first.

Filmed over a 3 year period this is an exciting milestone in the provision of green energy and its happening off the coast of North Wales.

Documentary film making in harsh environments is our specialist subject and so we were over the moon when Minesto got in touch to ask us to document this project. We were under no illusions that this would not be easy. It often meant protracted periods of time at sea, at short notice and in some pretty exciting sea states. It also meant the opportunity to document a world first green energy solution!The project has now been proven to be commercially viable and will expand around the world to provide power from the waves. 

The main film documents the whole process and is designed to be shown to investors, partners, governments and at trade shows. Because of the length of the film we then edited a two minute version that is designed for online use and a short for social media use to generate a wider interest in the project.

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