Golden Hour on Elidir Fawr

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I was heading up Elidir Fawr with the intention of capturing the sunset from it’s summit and was blown away by the light that was kicking off over Snowdon and the Llyn Peninsula. The whole sky was a wonderful golden colour and this in turn was being reflected from the snow. I sat and watched as two walkers descended the ridge until they were just where I wanted them for this composition.

This image is printed on Permajet Museum Heritage 310gsm paper. 

As the name suggests, this paper has all the attributes to meet the museum standard of inkjet printing to create fine art prints in colour with a high degree of detail and pronounced texture.

Golden Hour on Elidir Fawr.

Technical Data: 

Shot at F8 at 200mm, 100 ISO on my Panasonic Lumix S1H Full Frame camera.