I have been down in Windsor for the last couple of days doing some work for the Crown Estate. They have a very forward thinking Chief Forester and he has recognised the benefit of using drones to produce accurate geo-referenced maps to assist him in planning the re-stocking of his cleared woodlands.

The Crown Estate has traditionally used a helicopter every five years to provide mapping of wind damage, fire damage and areas that have been cleared. The downside has been that this rapidly goes out of date, is expensive and does not provide a high resolution image.

By using our DJI Inspire we have been able to map specific areas of forest that the team want to focus their resources on. We have been able to produce images that can be zoomed in to produce a high resolution of 4 pixels/centimetre on a map covering 122 acres and at a fraction of the cost and time of a helicopter.


As technology improves and software develops the costs are falling and the uses increasing.


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