Film Making Workshop | North Wales

Would you like to create your own professional video content for your website and social media?

This film making workshop is run in the mountains of Snowdonia by award winning film maker Rob Johnson and will teach you the essential skills in making great online content using nothing more fancy than a mobile phone or a GoPro. 

Workshop Content

A two day workshop for people who would like to create their own video content for their small business. 
Price: £395 per person
Length: 2 Days
Location: Capel Curig, Snowdonia

Who is the Workshop Suitable For?

You have a basic interest in taking photographs or filming small clips on your phone or camera and you would like to learn how to progress onto making short videos that can showcase your business. 

What specialist equipment will you need?

We teach the whole course using whatever camera you already have. For most people this will be a mobile phone or perhaps a GoPro. If you have a mirrorless camera or a video camera then you can use that too. For editing we will teach you techniques that can be achieved on a phone, iPad, laptop or desktop PC. The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate that with some skills you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment.

We can also show you how the expensive equipment can add production value if you do want to up your game. 

What does the workshop cover?

This two day film making workshop in North Wales will look at:

Planning your film

– Who is your audience?
– How long should it be?
– Are you trying to sell something? 
– Where will you show it? 
– How to storyboard your film
– Casting
– What kit will you need? 
– Permissions 

Shooting Your Film

– Framing/Composition – an introduction to the fundamentals 
– Basic camera settings for video
– Adding movement to your shots
– Clip length
– How to capture audio 
– Basic lighting setups 
– How to setup interviews 

Editing Your Film 

– How to bring together the storyboard and the shoot 
– Basic edit structure of your film
– How to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end
– How to use music to add to that story and where you can license it from 
– How to balance your audio 

*On this workshop we won’t have time to teach you how to use the software from scratch – please see the note below on preparation for the workshop 

Where is the workshop held?

The workshop is held in Capel Curig, Snowdonia. We have a lecture hall available for the duration of the workshop and the delivery will be supplemented by practical sessions in each of the main subjects covered. Over the two days we will get you to work in small teams to practise the skills that we teach so that you have the time to shoot and edit your own project and get some feedback throughout the process. The practical elements will be undertaken close to the centre to maximise time so we won’t be filming in remote or difficult to reach locations (these could be the subject of a separate workshop!) 


Who runs the workshop?

The workshop is run by Rob Johnson. Multiple award winning film maker & photographer and professional Mountaineering Instructor (WMCI) & International Mountain Leader. Read More

What's included?

The course fee covers the cost of instruction and the use of the centre. You will need to bring the following: 
– A camera which can be a mobile phone, GoPro, Mirrorless or DSLR
– Something to edit on – this can be a mobile phone, iPad or a laptop and it is not essential that everyone has one as we can work in teams
– Some editing software. This could be iMovie, the GoPro App, Adobe Premier Rush – anything you are happy to use. 
– Lunch and drinks for the day
– Outdoor footwear and clothing for all weathers


Pre-Workshop Preparation

To maximise the two days it would be great if you could familiarise yourself with your chosen camera and editing software before the workshop. Here are some key skills to arrive with: 

– Be able to switch on your camera and have a basic understanding of how its menus work – if in doubt bring the manual. 
– For phone shooters know how to switch between HD and 4K in the settings menu 
– Choose an editing software to match what you want to edit on and then know how to import your footage into a timeline, how to cut the clips and how to export the finished edit. 

Workshop Logistics

We will meet at 9:00am on the first day in Capel Curig and finish by 5:00pm on the second day. 

You will not need transport during the workshop as we will walk to the locations we wish to use for the practical sessions. 

There is no accommodation included in the workshop. For a list of suggestions click here