In this post I aim to bring you my DJI X5 camera first impressions, having managed to grab an hours flying this afternoon.

Fitting the DJI X5 Camera

Fitting the new camera to an Inspire 1 is quick and easy, you need to fit a new base plate to your Inspire but once you have done that the new camera clicks into place in exactly the same way as the old one but with the addition of a rear fixing clip because of the extra weight of the camera. If you miss the rear clip the gimbal won’t connect with the Inspire properly.

Heres a useful YouTube video explaining the whole process:

With the new base plate fitted it is still possible to quickly switch from the X5 camera back to the X3 camera if you want to.

DJI X5 Camera First Impressions

Once in the air I could immediately feel the difference of the additional weight on the Inspire 1.

Panning: The drone will not pan as smoothly with the extra weight on board so you will need to achieve smooth pans by lots of practise as a single operator or by using the second remote and a separate camera operator.

Drifting: The extra weight of the X5 camera seemed to make nose of the Inspire Drift a little bit – it was very gently panning with no input from me whilst in GPS mode. I switched back to the X3 and didn’t experience the same issue. It was not a big problem and is solved by switching the gimbal mode into “Free” rather than “Follow” if you need super smooth shots.

Battery Performance: The X5 camera feels noticeably heavier than the X3 – I am using the Olympus 12mm lens – and so I was expecting a drop in battery endurance. I was pleasantly surprised and still managed a good 15 minute real life flight time with the 5700Ah battery.

Image¬†Quality: I tested the camera in 4k and 2k modes and have put some brief shots together for you below. The overall image quality is better than the X3 as you would expect. Its too early for me to say how much better – I need to try it in some nicer light and differing situations but first impressions are that it rivals my GH4 on my S900 so I’m a happy bunny.

I will post more as I do more!




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