Aerial Photography Deeside

I have been in Deeside this morning doing an aerial photography job for a company that has recently changed its branding and wanted some aerial photographs of its Deeside factory. Aerial photography using drones or UAV’s in industrial areas such as trading estates can be tricky and take a bit of pre-planning to ensure that they are done safely and legally. We needed to do the usual pre-flight survey and risk assessments, on-site surveys and take control of a neighbouring property to achieve the shots, all part of our service.

Aerial Photography Desside

Aerial Photography Deeside

For jobs like this one in North Wales we charge a half day rate so that clients can get a professional product at an affordable price. The job seemed to brighten up the morning of the various lorry drives and factory staff who stopped to watch whilst our DJI Inspire Pro captured the factory from various angles. We shoot in RAW and JPEG mode to allow flexibility in post production.

The client was able to compose the shot they wanted, we use a HD Downlink to view what the camera is seeing in real time. This allows us to make sure the client gets the exact shot that they are looking for. Having got the photographs in the bag we took some short video clips, just as an added bonus so that the clients could see just how good the stabilised gimbal footage was and could include some short clips in their future marketing material if they ever wanted to.

Once the shoot was complete we all headed indoors to hook the photos up to the big screen. I was then able to do some image tweaks on Photoshop to the RAW images, removing an unsightly puddle, some lorry tracks in the grass and adjusting the brightness of the images. The photographs were then delivered digitally on site and the job was complete – another happy customer.

You can read more about our aerial photography service in Deeside and across the UK (we are based in North Wales) by clicking on this link.


Rob, It was an absolute pleasure, the images are sure to feature within our corporate literature, and provide a refreshing update to the current aged images. In addition to the above it was a great spectacle “boys and toys”, what an excellent business.

Again thanks for your assistance. Gavin Higgott – Operations Manager

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