Aerial Destination Photography – Sardinia
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I have been working in Sardinia this week on an aerial destination photography shoot for Thomson Holidays, gathering stills and video for their 2017 marketing campaign for the Island. The travel arrangements were all sorted by the client and I ended up flying from Manchester to Stuttgart and then onto Sardinia which presented two opportunities for airlines to lose my baggage – my worst nightmare when working on a tight shoot overseas – but thankfully everything arrived safely and in one piece.

I use a GoProfessional flight case for the DJI Inspire. Regulations say the LiPo batteries must be carried in hand luggage and so I wrap the contacts in Duck Tape, put each battery in a separate plastic bag and then carry them in Lipo bags for additional protection. My top tip is to place these in a separate tray at airport security and be ready to answer the inevitable questions. aerial destination photography

I was given a local fixer with a car for the duration of the shoot, together with a shot list and some stunning weather. We had some long days but it was great to be out exploring the island and getting the shots. A good local fixer is essential to make sure you get the necessary permissions on the ground to use the drone. Wherever we went Steffano & Silvia seemed to know the local mayor, local landowner and the perfect take off and landing spots – superstars!

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The DJI Inspire Pro allowed me to capture some lovely 18MP aerial photographs, together with some great video clips that the client will be able to edit into existing traditional footage. My main challenge on the job was keeping batteries charged and again the value of a good local fixer is the contacts they have that will help with charging en-route. I also used my in-car invertor to keep things topped up – don’t forget to take plug adapters for charging on the road!

All in all a great few days aerial destination photography work – you can check out some of the images here:

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