DJI Inspire Two – ProRes & RAW – Drone Hire

We can offer you a choice of Drones to match your budget and production values. We fly the DJI Inspire 2 RAW & can hire in the Freely Alta with Sony FS5 or Red EPIC:

DJI INSPIRE 2 WITH X5S CAMERA: FILM, TV & Top End Online Productions

For top end productions the DJI Inspire 2 has raised the bar for aerial filming capturing lossless RAW Apple Pro Res, increasing the top speed to 94 km/h and delivering image quality that rivals top end Cinema Production Cameras.

-Available with single or dual operator
-360 degree control of the camera – no props in the shot
-Full gimbal stabilisation – cinema quality stabilisation
-5.2K 30 fps or 4K at 60 fps
-Lossless Cinema DNG or Apple Pro Res
-12.8 stops of dynamic range
-12 Bit RAW

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  • Max speed 60 MPH
  • Flight Time 20 minutes per flight
  • Collision avoidance system and battery & sensor redundancy
  • HD Real Time Streaming

For all filming we also provide a DJI Mavic Pro as a backup in the event of loss or damage to the main UAV during the shoot and for use in tight spots.



For productions where image quality is everything we can hire in the Freely Alta 8 with MoVI M5 Gimbal. This gives you a choice of cameras including the Red Epic, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony FS5, Sony A7SII and Panasonic GH4.
This drone allows us to mount the camera above or below the aircraft, opening up the range of shots that we can achieve massively. Our rig is a two person setup to allow separate pilot and camera operator.

-The worlds best cinema cameras
-Weatherproof flight
-5 minute assembly
-Portable – can be carried on a rucksack
-8 minute flight time per battery with cinema camera on board
-Top & bottom camera mount
-HD Real time streaming
-Dual Operator



The Inspire 2 come with a choice of lenses:

DJI MFT 15mm f/1.7 ASPH
Olympus M. ED 12mm f/2.0
Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm f1.8

We provide 6 sets of batteries for a full days shoot with a flight time of 20-25 minutes per battery set for the Inspire 2. We also bring charging facilities to full day shoots with access to power or can bring a generator to more remote locations with vehicle access.

For the Freely Alta we can quote for your desired lens and camera combination.  


The Inspire 2 is highly portable and very easy to fly in a variety of conditions
We have a very quick setup time. We can be in the air within 5 minutes of arriving at a location.
We are able to utilise the many third party apps for the Inspire 2- things like waypoint flying, programable flight controls and inspection patterns.

DJI Inspire Two, Freely Alta with Red Epic – Drone Hire

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DJI Inspire Pro

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