Filmuphigh Productions – 2018

Every company has a vision, a story, a dream.

This film tells our story.

From storyboard to screen – lets tell your story.

Music: Full Epic Flight – Premiumbeat
Rollin’ – Ulysses, Current Swell

Voice Over: Ian Harris

Featuring: Kris Williams, Natasha Brooks, Bryn Williams, Kate Worthington, Colin Goodey, George Manley, David Hormigo, Alec Roberts, Alison Culshaw, James Thacker, Andrew Price, Carlo Forte, Tristan Taylor, Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team, Nick Livesey, Rachel Crewesmith, Jim Langley & Rob Johnson

Cameras Used: Red Scarlet-W, DJI Inspire 2 RAW, Sony FS5, Sony A7SII, GoPro Hero 4, Sony F5

Handcrafted in the mountains of Snowdonia – Filmed around the world.

Project Details

Client : Filmuphigh Productions
Date : 29S December 2017
Skills : Complete Production

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