Cable Cam Rental


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Cable Cam Rental

We provide a cable cam rental, based in North Wales and available across the UK.

Cable Cam vs Drone

A cable cam is a great partner to a drone. It gets a similar style of shot but can be used in situations where it is not possible to fly a drone. Examples include through tight trees, filming mountain bikes for example, through rivers with over-hanging foliage which represent too great a risk for a drone – such as when filming kayakers or rafters. Cable Cam rental can also be a good solution to drone shots where it is difficult to get the necessary CAA or landowner permissions. A great example of this is city centre filming where drones cannot fly within or over 150m of a congested area. The downside of a cable cam is it takes time to rig, a drone can have several shots in the bag by the time a cable cam has been rigged. The cable cam also relies on having good anchors to attach to at either end of the shot. The other main downside of the cable cam is you are restricted to the one perspective that you have rigged i.e. looking straight down or parallel to your model, with a drone the perspective is quickly and easily changed throughout the shot. Having both a cable cam and a drone on set gives the best of both worlds and a puts a host of creative shots at your disposal.

How the Cable Cam Works

Our Cable Cam uses a DJI Ronin-M Gimbal to provide fully stabilised footage. We use our Panasonic GH4 to allow us to film in beautiful 4k or 1080 HD. We can fit any camera unto 3.6kg onto the Cable Cam system, its a 10 minute job to fit and balance your camera if you prefer to use that instead of ours.

The Cable Cam is fitted to a Dyneema cable, we have several lengths unto 200m to suit you requirements. It is rigged by professional riggers and for each job we supply the cable cam with a team of two people who rig the whole setup and then operate the camera and cable cam separately.

Dual Control: Our dual control system allows one person to operate the cable cam via a dedicated R/C remote and our camera operator to control the camera by a separate dedicated R/C remote. A HD Downlink allows both operators to view what the camera sees in realtime.

The cable cam can operate at speeds unto 30mph for fast moving subjects or as slow as 0.5mph for slow moving tracking shots.

Cable Cam + Drone Packages

We are able to provide a discounted rate for a cable cam + drone package. Please contact us for a quotation for your shoot.

Cable Cam Rental

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