Brazilian Line

A maverick bunch of Brits go big wall hunting in Brazil. Lead by pioneering legend Mike ‘Twid’ Turner accompanied by Steve Long who invite some youth on the trip in the form of the super strong James Taylor and Angus Kille (just climbed Indian Face!). The team head for the giant monolith of Pedra Baiana dreaming of a new line on perfect rock. From the outset the plan begins to unravel with fuel blockages, wasp attacks, a shortage of equipment and time all pinning back progress in this spectacular, insightful and charming film.

For Brazilian Line we have teamed up with one of the industries leading lights, multi-award winner Alastair Lee to produce a compelling story of an ambitious ascent, ensuring the highest of production standards in adventure film.

Watch Brazilian Line

The film has a 20 minute edit on the Brit Rock Film Tour this autumn at 40 venues across the UK. 

The 20 minute cut will be screening at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival on the 18th November. 

The full 50 minute version of the film premieres on the 28th November in Snowdonia. Tickets are available by calling the Moel Siabod Cafe on 01690 720429 and the event is supported by Rob who will be giving away some goodies on the night. 

The film will then go on sale in December – watch this space for details. 

Available in December 2018 this 50 minute long form documentary explores what it takes to climb an unclimbed big wall in a remote destination. 


A 25 minute edit is also screening as part of the Brit Rock Film Tour 2018 

‘Brazilian Line’ is set to be one of the highlights in a strong line up of films.

Brit Rock has all the best new climbing films featuring some of the country’s most popular climbers. Leading filmmaker and founder of the Brit Rock Tour Alastair Lee is collaborating with the best of the UK’s adventure filmmakers as well as his own new productions resulting in this stunning new line up of compelling stories from the vertical world.

The 90min program featuring the likes of Hazel Findlay, Will Bosi, Robbie Phillips, Neil Gresham, Anna Talyor & Dave MacLeod is aiming for over 50 screenings across the UK this winter. You can find a venue near you, book tickets or arrange to host a screening by visiting the website:

Brazilian Line has been made possible with thanks to support from:

Filming Brazilian Line – Rob Johnson

Filming as a one man crew is always challenging. Filming as a one man crew on a big wall is even more so, especially when you balance a Red Camera hundreds of metres up a vertical wall as you try to change a lens or a battery, very aware that dropping anything could not only be expensive but could also have serious consequences for anyone below you. 

On this trip I relied on 20 years of rock climbing experience to be alongside the boys as they climbed each day. This would often mean jumaring up fixed ropes each morning, filming that days action and then abseiling all the way back down to try and get some drone shots before the day was over. I had pretty sore elbows by the end of the trip! It was great to be a part of team, to live in the vertical world for a couple of weeks and to meet the local people who farmed the land around us. It was also great to get the footage safely home to the UK with everyone all in one piece! 

Once the edit started I was massively grateful for the guidance and help of Alastair Lee. With each edit I would send a Vimeo link across and his 20 plus years of experience were invaluable in shaping the film, its pacing and its storyline. This is my first long form climbing documentary, I have poured my heart and soul into it. I hope you enjoy it. 


Twid on the lead on the mid section of the wall
Twid working hard with the drill above his head
Steve Long about to pass the knot on the daily jumar up the wall
Pedra Baiana at dusk in the golden hour
Home for the night - the portaledge from the drone perspective
Looking down on the portaledge from a climbers perspective
James eyeing up the choice of lines after the wasp incident
James high up and lonely whilst bolting on the lead from a skyhook
Angus with broom in tow whilst cleaning the route
James on the crux section of the route