Aerial surveys and inspections, line of sight surveys, geospatial mapping and thermal imaging across Wales, Cheshire and the UK.

We can provide a full aerial inspection, line of sight surveys and georeferenced mapping service using drones at a fraction of the cost of a traditional aircraft.

Our Inspection Services

Example Drone Inspections

Our drones can provide cost effective solutions for:
Roof Survey/Inspections
Shoreline aerial surveys
Flood defence surveys
Solar Panel Inspection
Wind Farm Installation Blade Surveys
Geospatial mapping of land and forestry

Geospatial Mapping

Using the latest software and drones we can provide data capture for images and geotags for mapping and 3D modeling. We can provide imaging for inclusion in your own GIS software or we can provide a full service where thousands of images are compiled into geo-referenced 2D mosaics and 3D models.

Thermal Imaging

A thermal imaging camera mounted on our Inspire 1 fleet can reveal overheating sections of electrical equipment, substations or pylons and it can do this quickly, safely and from a distance. The cost savings achieved by cutting down on access equipment and shutdown time can be immense. This has applications for solar energy plants, power companies and private enterprise.

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Geospatial Mapping, Line of Sight Surveys & Georeferenced Aerial Imaging

Drones have revolutionised many aspects of the inspection and mapping industries. Putting a drone into the air means that people can stay on the ground, making hazardous inspections and surveys far less hazardous and often much quicker and therefore cheaper. This is a growing industry and we are flexible and dynamic enough to listen to your requirements and tailor build a solution to suit your needs.

We can provide geo referenced aerial images for integration into GIS platforms using our drones. We can also provide complete Orthophoto Maps and 3d models using the latest software. We use flight planning software that allows us to precisely control flight pattern, speed and camera frame rate to achieve the perfect coverage and overlap. 

By using drones we are able to gather information at a lower cost and higher resolution than traditional aircraft and satellites. We are approved suppliers to The Crown Estate.


Case Study

The map above shows part of a project that we undertook for The Crown Estate. We were tasked to overfly forest areas that had been cleared (including some wind and fire damage) to produce upto date, accurate mapping for the chief forester to be able to plan re-stocking. Previously this had been done every 5 years by helicopter but the reduced costs of drones means that it can now be done every year by cherry picking individual sites. The site totalled 122 acres and we would class this as a medium sized site. In a days work we can map two medium sized sites, dependant upon travel distance in between.



We need to maintain line of sight with the drone at all times
We can fly a maximum distance of 500m away from us and 400 feet up
We can produce highly detailed imagery – far more detailed than traditional aerial imagery – at about 4-5 pixels/centimetre.
We charge a fraction of the price of a helicopter allowing regular mapping on a small scale.

The benefits

Low Cost & Safe

Our drones allow data collection at a fraction of the cost of a traditional aircraft and without anyone having to leave the ground.


Collect current data at high resolution to ensure that your maps are upto date high quality. Get the data that you need for where you need it.


You can choose the output style, from georeferenced mosaic maps to 3D models. Call or email for a quotation today.

Workflow Geospatial Mapping

1. Collect Images

Previously this would have been done by helicopter or plane. We use drones at a fraction of the cost and produce images at a much higher resolution.

2. Stitch Images

We use specialist software to stitch the images together. This is done back at our office as it takes a lot of processing power.

3. Create Georeferenced Map

Once the images have been stitched we can provide you with a Tiff file to upload into your existing GIS software or we can produce the finished map for you.

People & Equipment

We are CAA Approved Drone Pilots, Award Winning Film Makers, members of the DroneSafe Register and Fully Insured.


We are able to provide aerial surveys and inspections across Wales and are based on the North coast near Bangor in Gwynedd. We can also cover Cheshire and the North of England. For multi day jobs we are happy to travel across the UK.


For a competitive quotation please email your requirements to us.

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