360 Aerial Photos – Bangor

This weekend Facebook gave a great new feature for us photographers, for the first time it allows us to upload 360 degree photographs. When viewed on a mobile device they are interactive, on a desktop you can get a similar experience by swiping your mouse to view where you want to in the image.

360 aerial photos are achieved using a drone, some clever stitching software, Photoshop and then uploading for the world to enjoy. They are a great way of showcasing a location and can be combined with standard 360 photos to produce some lovely interactive tours – the possibilities as they say are endless.

Here is a 360 aerial photo that I made last night of Bangor, Gwynedd – here in North Wales. Click on the link to interact with the image: https://www.skypixel.com/photos/a53056cd-4168-4e06-8283-0cb6220b2799

Aerial 360 Photo Bangor

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