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Filmuphigh is a multiple award winning creative video production and CAA Approved drone filming team based in the mountains of Snowdonia,
in North Wales. We are available across the UK.


aerial filming & video production in Walesaerial filming & video production in Wales

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People & Kit We are award winning film makers, CAA Approved Drone Pilots, members of the DroneSafe Register and fully insured.

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Based in North Wales We are happy to work across the UK & overseas


Our commitment to the environment

Drones and UAV's offer an environmentally friendly alternative to a helicopter, however they can still have an impact on our environment. We appreciate that people visit beautiful, wild places to escape the noise and pollution of modern life in our cities and make the following pledges:

We only use electric motors to minimise pollution and noise
We try to avoid flying in popular beauty spots, mountains and crags at weekends and bank holidays
We will not fly within 150m or directly above any congested area without special permission
Wherever possible we will fly/film in the early morning or late evening when places are quieter
We will not fly within 50m of anyone without their permission
We will listen to concerns expressed to us in person when flying and take any necessary action to avoid disturbance.
We will only use CAA licensed and approved pilots

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Aerial filming
& video production in Wales

We provide a professional Aerial Filming & Photography Service in Wales using drones/UAVs and a creative video production service in Wales and across the whole of the UK.

We provide a freelance Aerial Filming & Photography service and are
CAA Approved Drone Pilots, available by the day or by the project.

We specialise in video production
providing creative video content utilising stunning cinematography for digital use,
whether that be Youtube, Vimeo, brand websites or TV Productions.

“Hi Rob – A quick note to say that the clips on Crib Goch with Caradog are superb world class- thank you – you have a great talent and you must make the most of it…” Catrin – BBC Producer

We specialise in aerial filming & video production in Wales in the mountains and on the rivers and coastline of the UK. We can add a unique aerial perspective to any project at a fraction of a cost of a helicopter and get much closer to the action, be it people, property, climbing, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, fell running – in fact anything you want to film from the air! We also have plenty of experience of filming buildings and structures and can tailor our skills to suit your needs and requirements. We can use the same skills to promote your business or project so that you stand apart from your competitors.

We have a range of cameras and drone platforms to suit your needs and budgets for aerial filming & video production in Wales.

aerial filming & video production in Wales

Aerial filming & video production in Wales  – Regulations & FAQ’s for drone use:

What regulations apply to aerial filming using drones in the UK?

We are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and our insurance is only valid when we comply with their regulations and guidance. A summary of the key points that we have to adhere to are:
– We cannot fly over or within 150m of a congested area
– We cannot fly within 50m of people or property who are not under the control of the crew
– We need the landowners pemission for take off and landing.
– There are flight restrictions around airports.
– We can only fly 400 feet above the operator (we get our high mountain shots by having the operator on the summit) and no more than 500 metres from the operator.
– We need a line of sight with the UAV at all times.
– Each job requires a site assessment and risk assessment.

The legislation that covers our work is:
Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 393 – Air Navigation and of key relevance are Articles 166 and 167 which cover Small Unmanned Aircraft (UAS) and Small Unmanned Surveilance Aircraft (SUSA). You can read more about the qualification structure on the CAA website.

Can we fly indoors?

Yes we can as long as there is enough space.

Can we work freelance?

Yes we can. We can fly any machine that falls within the same weight class that we have been flight tested on. We are not limited to only flying our own platforms.

How much flight time do we have?

Each drone is slightly different but we have between 12-18 minutes dependant upon the drone being used and the manner in which we fly.


Quadcopters cannot fly in heavy rain or strong winds.

Quadcopters/Drones/UAVs Vs Helicopters

The cost of hiring in a quadcopter/UAV for aerial filming & video production in Wales is significantly less than hiring a helicopter for a day. This means that aerial footage is available to a whole new market for the first time.
Helicopters cannot fly below 500 ft so for close action aerial work a UAV is the obvious choice anyway.
Because of the lower cost and quick deployment you can afford to have a UAV available all day, making the most of weather windows or fitting into a filming schedule rather than having to work to a fixed window of helicopter availability.

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